Services A-Z (130)

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3D Printing

The TLC uses the Form Labs Form2 3D Printer, which prints objects in resin.


Activate Account

Activate network account to be able to access Network Resources.

Additional Loaner Hardware

The Computer Help Desk has additional hardware (chargers, adapters, printers, etc.) that is made available for faculty and staff to loan out on a short-term basis.

Affiliate Accounts

Request an affiliate account for public computer access.

Antivirus and Endpoint Detection

Any Windows or Mac OS computer that connects to the network on campus is required to have the University's provided Sophos Antivirus installed.

Art Printing

The TLC offers high-quality art printing using our Epson SureColor P7000 printer.

Audio Conferencing

Audio Conference phones (also commonly refered to as Polycom phones) are special phones that can be used for meetings with one to many remote participants.


Banner - Access

Request access for the Banner application.

Banner - Issues and Questions

Report issues with current Banner solution or ask questions related to current Banner solution.

Banner - New or Update Functionality

Request new Banner functionality, reports, or enhancements.

Banner - Permissions

Request permissions to specific forms or reports within Bannerforms.

Banner - Training

UR depends on each business office to understand and document their business processes and also, to use their training budgets to maintain necessary skills and abilities.

Blackboard - Issues and Questions

Issues and Questions related to Blackboard.

Blackboard Information

Blackboard is a web-based tool for teaching, learning, and collaboration.

Box External Collaboration - Department Folder

Request External to the University Collaboration on departmental Box files.

Box External Collaboration - Individual Account

Request External to the University Collaboration on non-departmental BOX files.

Box Internal Collaboration - Departmental Folder

Request the creation of a new Top-Level Department Box folder.


Cable TV

Cable services are active when you arrive on campus.

Camera Equipment

High-end cameras (DSLR and video), GoPros, audio recording equipment, lighting equipment, and accessories available for three-day checkout through the TLC.

CenturyLink Calling Cards

For use for traveling and when making a call to a blocked country.

CenturyLink Conference Cards

CenturyLink conference cards can be requested for use by an individual or a department to use for conference calls where there are two or more individuals dialing in to a call.

Classroom/Lab Reservations

Find information on how to reserve academic spaces.

Classroom/Lab Technology Problem

Find information about reporting an issue with the classroom technology.

Classroom/Public Lab Hardware

Get support and find information on hardware in classrooms and public labs.

Classroom/Public Lab Software

Get support and find information on software installed in classrooms and public labs.


ClearPass is the University of Richmond's computer registration system to ensure that all computers connected to the University network meet the minimum security requirements.

Cloud App Request (Box, Google, Office365)

Google, Box, and Microsoft’s O365 cloud-based environments all include applications (apps) to enhance the use of those products. Most of the vendor-written apps are enabled by default, but some (including most third-party apps) are not. All non-enabled apps must be reviewed and approved by our App Vetting Group in order to be enabled.

Computer Replacement Program

All departments on campus are divided into three replacement groups. Under the replacement plan, a department will receive new computers for all full-time users in their specified replacement year.

Computer Request for New Employee

If your department has hired a new full-time employee, a standard computer system will be provided. It is best to contact the IS Procurement Office as soon as the candidate accepts the position.

Connect to Department Network Printers

Request service for connecting your computer to a department network printer.


Data Backups

The Help Desk highly recommends that each user backup their critical University of Richmond electronic data.

Data Recovery

Get support for Data Recovery if you can not locate data on your computer.

Digital Signage

TMSS supports the installation and use of electronic displays and building directories that are used to share digital images, video, web pages, weather data, and text.

Duo Enrollment

Enroll with Duo mobile.


Email - Report Send / Receive Problem

Report an issue with sending or receiving emails.

Email Address Change

Email addresses can be changed or email aliases can be created to reflect changes to an individuals name.

Email Forwarding

Students and Alumni can forward their Richmond Email onto their personal email accounts

Enterprise Apps - Access & Permissions

This service is to request Access & Permission to an existing Enterprise Application.

Enterprise Apps - New & Updated Functionality

This service is to request New or Updated Functionality (including within an existing enterprise application).

Enterprise Apps - Report a Problem

This service is to report a problem with an existing enterprise application.


Gmail - Students, Alumni, and Retirees

Student, Alumni, and Retiree email is hosted on Gmail.

Google Drive

Students and Retirees get access to unlimited cloud storage and the use of Google apps to create/edit within the cloud.

Groups - Manager Change Request

Each department manages their own shared inbox or calendar resources in Outlook and has a designated person in that department who is set as the manager for those resources.


Hardware Diagnostics and Repairs

The Computer Help Desk will assist you with warranty and non-warranty repairs to your computer.

Hardware Installation

If you have purchased computer related hardware, the Help Desk will provide assistance with the installation if required.

Hardware Request

Information about acquiring new Hardware on campus.


Interactive Whiteboards

Select classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards. These devices offer the presenter the capability to annotate, create or modify content and directly interact with a connected computer.


LastPass Enterprise

LastPass Enterprise accounts are available for Faculty and Staff as a password manager for University related credentials.

LastPass Premium

LastPass Premium accounts are available for Faculty, Staff, and Students as a password manager for personal password management.

Loaner Chromebooks

The Computer Help Desk has a Chromebook Loaner Program for Students with Computer Repairs.


Mailing Lists

Special Interest mailing lists that allow members of a group to easily send messages to the entire group.

Mobile Phone - New Phone Request

Faculty and staff may take advantage of discounted rates and dedicated in-house client support for University provided mobile phones.

Mobile Phone - Rental Device

Rental Devices are available for domestic and international travel.

Mobile Phone - Report a Problem

Report a problem with your University provided Mobile Phone.

Mobile Phone - Request to Enable Hotspot

Mobile hotspots can be requested to be enabled for your University provided mobile device. Depending on the service provider, there may be a charge for this service.

Mobile Phone - Travel Plans

International Travel Plans are available for AT&T and Verizon mobile phones provided by the University.

Multimedia / Audiovisual - Report a Problem

Report a problem with multimedia/audiovisual technology on campus.

Multimedia / Audiovisual Training

Provide an overview on how to use audiovisual equipment in a classroom or meeting space.

Multimedia Equipment Checkout

Find information about multimedia equipment (portable screens, projectors, and clickers) available to check out through TMSS.


New Shared Mailbox

Request a shared mailbox (email inbox and calendar) for a University Department.

Non-Academic Course Request

All academic courses are added automatically in Blackboard once created in Banner. Non-academic courses can be requested for committees, clubs, departments, etc.

Non-Standard Software Installation Request

Non-Standard Software is defined as software needed for a specific job function such as Web page development, document publishing, or high-end graphic design. Depending on the product, there may be a charge to your department.


O365 - Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff email is hosted on Microsoft O365.

O365 - Request Account for Students

Request an O365 mailbox for student employees that need access to a departmental mailbox or folder.

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus is available for all active faculty, staff, and students to download on up to 5 personal devices.

OnBase - Access or Permissions

Request access or update permissions for the OnBase application.

OnBase - Issues and Questions

Report issues with current OnBase solution or ask questions related to current OnBase solution.

OnBase - New or Update Functionality

Request new functionality or a modification to existing OnBase functionality.

OnBase - Project Requests

Information regarding the type of processes that would be considered for an OnBase project.

OnBase - Software Deployment/Installation

Request installation of OnBase software or hardware.

OnBase - Training

Access to OnBase training videos available through Hyland Software.

One Button Studio

A simplified video recording setup that can be used without any previous video production experience.

OS and Software Updates and Support - Personal Devices

The Computer Help Desk assists users with installing updates to their personal device operating systems.

OS and Software Updates and Support - University Computers

Software updates for faculty and staff Macs and PCs are managed through the computer Help Desk.


Panopto Lecture Capture - Training

Get support and training on lecture capture using Panopto

Password Change

Self-Service Change for network password.

Personal Hardware Setup

The Computer Help Desk can assist with your newly purchased personal computer setup.


Philo is an IPTV (cable TV) service delivered to computers, tablets, and smartphones through the University network.

Phones - Issues and Questions

Issues and Questions related to Phone Services.

Phones and Conferencing - Issues and Questions

Issues and Questions related to Phones and Conferencing.

Poster Printing

Large format poster printing for University of Richmond credit-earning class projects and for conferences.

Print Credits

Print credits for students and guests are available to print to public printers on campus, except law school.

Printer Purchase Request

New printers or replacement printers can be purchased through the IS Procurement Office for on-campus use.

Public Folder - Subfolder Request

Request new subfolder below existing public folder for department use.

Public Folder Auto-Reply

Public Folder Auto-Reply can be setup in Office 365 so a departmental email address will automatically send a reply email in response to any new email received.

Public Lab Hours and Locations

Find information on hours and locations.

Public Printers

There are public printers available on campus for faculty, staff, and students.

Purchase Computer at Retirement

The University offers you the chance to purchase your University machine upon retirement.


Remove Instructor from Blackboard Course

As an instructor, request that another instructor is removed from a Blackboard course. Removal of an instructor requires system administrator access and approval.

Report a Phishing Attempt

Phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from someone you may know in order to convince individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.

Report a Printer Problem

The Help Desk provides support for troubleshooting a variety of printer problems.

Report Cybersecurity Incident

Report an event or occurrence that threatens the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of an information system, computer, or data.

Request Audiovisual Support

The TMSS group supports presentation technology and equipment installed in teaching and learning environments, as well as meeting spaces throughout the campus.

Request Data Jack

Need one or more data jacks installed to connect to the network via an Ethernet cable.

Request EC500

EC500 is a feature in the phone system where you can program your office phone and cell phone to ring at the same time.

Request Temporary Computer for Working Remotely

Laptops can be temporarily requested to be able to work remotely in response to COVID-19.

Request to Use Desktop Computer for Working Remotely

If you have a desktop computer that is assigned to you as your primary computer system, you can request to take the system home if it is approved by your Dean or Director.

ROADS - Access to Existing Reports

Learn how to request access to existing reports to the ROADS system.

ROADS – ETL and Architecting

ROADS Architecting involves all the work to bring new data into ROADS from outside source systems.

ROADS - Issues and Questions

Report issues with ROADS or ask questions related to ROADS.

ROADS - Request New Reports

Request the creation of a new report in ROADS not found in the existing library of reports.

ROADS - Training

MicroStrategy has an expansive course catalog of training courses available ( free and fee based). In addition there are countless number of free videos posted on youtube.


Secondary Computer Request

Request a Secondary Computer for departmental use.

Security Training

Request customized security training for your group or department.

Self Service (macOS and iOS)

Self Service is an app pre-installed on all University owned and managed Macs that allows easy access to licensed or free software, printers, scripts, and various other services for your Mac.


Skype is a telecommunications application that provides video chat and voice calls between computers, tablets, or mobile devices via the Internet. The University has numerous locations on campus that are equipped to support the use of Skype for group based collaborative meeting needs.

Smart Devices and Game Consoles Registration

Smart devices and game consoles must first be registered before they can connect to the wireless or wired network on campus.

Solstice Pods

A Solstice Pod is a device that supports wireless presentation capabilities in classrooms and meeting spaces. The pod allows a user that is connected to an available wireless network (such as urwin, Richmond, eduroam, or VisitUR) to stream video and audio from their device to an installed display or projection system; no cables required.


Daily informational email digests that are sent to active faculty, staff, and students.

Submit a Ticket

If you are unable to find what you are looking for in the services above, use this to submit a ticket for assistance.


Technology Assistance with COVID-19

If you need technology assistance to be able to learn remotely due to COVID-19, you can submit a request to Information Services for help.

Telephone Support - Add New Phone

Request a new phone to be added to a location on campus.

Telephone Support - Move Phone

Request a phone to be moved to a different location on campus.

Telephone Support - Name Change

The TMSS Office provides assistance with getting the name changed on office phones for caller id.

Telephone Support - Report a Problem

Report a problem if you are having a telephone service issue.

TLC - Issues and Questions

Issues and Questions related to the Technology Learning Center.

TLC A/V Rooms

The Technology Learning Center offers audio/video rooms that can be used for anything from high-quality audio recording to video editing to job interviews.

TLC Training and Consultations

One-on-one and small group training. Consultations upon request.

TV and Multimedia Services - Issues and Questions

Issues and Questions related to TV and Multimedia Services.


Video Recording

TMSS offers videotaping services to departments utilizing classrooms, meeting spaces and conference rooms on campus.

Virtual Reality

VR and AR training one-on-one and workshops available by appointment.

Virus/Malware Removal

The Help Desk provides assistance for remediating virus or malware infections on computers and phones.

Voicemail - Password Reset

Receive support when you need to reset the password for your voicemail.


Secure access to networked resources from a remote (off-campus) location.



WebFiles is storage space of 100MB allocated to each student, staff, faculty member, and student organization enabling them to maintain a website.

Wired/Ethernet Network

Wired network access available in residence halls and administrative buildings on campus.

Wireless Networks

There are various wireless networks available on campus for faculty, staff, students, visitors, and smart devices/game consoles.

Workshops and Tours

Workshops and tours of the TLC are available by appointment.



Zoom is a telecommunications application that offers quality video, audio, and wireless screen-sharing for conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars, across mobile devices, personal computers, and telephones.

Zoom Web Conferencing - Training

Get support and training on Web Conferencing with Zoom.