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Panopto is the University of Richmond’s lecture capture recording and delivery platform. Panopto is a cloud-based service that works in tandem with a desktop application that is used to record lectures in classrooms, or at your desk (commonly used for flipped classroom applications). Once the lecture has been recorded, it can be shared with students and accessed within the associated Blackboard course. Pre-recorded content (such as a Zoom meeting recording) can also be uploaded, and shared the same way.

Panopto also has a dedicated portal that allows for non-academic (non-Blackboard) use. This, too, allows for the use of the desktop application and uploading pre-recorded content.

Available To

Faculty, Staff, and Students

Getting Started

You’ll find several helpful links in the Related Articles section, to the right. If you still need assistance getting started, use the Request Assistance button to let us know.

For non-academic use of Panopto, please click the Request Non-Academic Account, and someone from our team will reach out to assist you.

Issues and Questions

If you have experienced a problem using Panopto, use the Report a Problem button to let us know.

If you need assistance getting started using Panopto, use the Request Assistance button.

If you require further assistance please call the TMSS Office at 804-287-6500 or email

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Service Offerings (3)

Request Non-Academic Account
Non-Academic accounts for Panopto are necessary for users to upload and share videos, outside of Blackboard.
Request Assistance
Let us know if you need any assistance getting started using Panopto in the classroom or your office.
Report a Problem
Let us know if you have experienced any problems using Panopto: recording, sharing or playback.