Box Storage Increase

Service Overview

This service is used to request additional Box quota for a University employee or a University department.

By default, each employee is provided with 100 GB of Box storage. This storage is for individual use and is purged when the employee leaves the University.

Separately, administrative and academic departments may have Box folders as well, to store files that are critical to the continued operation of the respective departments over time. Department folders are managed by one or more stewards authorized by the division vice president or dean and the content persists when individual members leave the University. Quotas for department folders roll up to and are established with the respective VP or dean.

Additional Box quota can be requested, but increases require approval by the respective University vice president or academic dean.

Note: Box is recommended for all general-purpose storage and collaboration needs. However, if you have specific storage or application requirements for which Box may not be well suited (e.g., high performance, large file sizes (>15 GB), long-term file archival, device backups, etc.), a storage consultation is recommended to determine options and costs.

Available To

Faculty and Staff

Getting Started

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Request Box Storage Increase


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