Wireless Networks

Service Overview

There are 4 different wireless networks available on campus, each for a different purpose or group to be able to connect. The networks are: urwin, eduroam, Richmond, VisitUR.

Available To

urwin - Faculty, Staff, Students

eduroam - Visiting faculty, staff, and students from other institutions that participate in Eduroam.

Richmond - Faculty, Staff, and Students for connecting smart devices and game consoles to the network.

VisitUR - Short-term campus visitors and affiliates

Getting Started


While on campus, students, staff, and faculty can securely access the University network through the campus-wide wireless network (urwin). All users who wish to access the network must have an active University of Richmond network account (NetID and password). ClearPass and Crowdstrike Falcon are required on University managed computers and student computers that connect to the network on campus.


Visitors who wish to access the 'eduroam' network will need to authenticate with their institution's credentials.


Faculty, Staff, and Students need to submit the Smart Device/Game Console Registration form before being able to connect their devices to this network. 


Simply connect to the “VisitUR” wireless network and open a web browser. After being redirected to the logon page, please read the terms and conditions, accept them by checking the appropriate box, and click the “Log In” button.

Acceptance of the terms and conditions is valid for 24 hours, after which the terms must be accepted again.

Issues and Questions

Individuals who are having issues connecting to the network on campus can use the 'Report a Problem' button for support. When reporting a problem with the network, you will be asked to provide the following information to help troubleshoot: 

  • Network Name
  • Location of where the issue occurred
  • Device(s) having the issue
  • MAC address for device(s)
  • Date/Time of issue
  • Description of the issue