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Accounts and Access

KB articles related to managing Network Accounts, Duo, Affiliate Accounts, Student Organization Accounts, etc.

Internet Connections

KB articles related to getting connect to the wifi, ethernet connections, or University VPN, ClearPass, etc.

Phones and Conferencing

KB articles related to office/mobile phones and video/audio conferencing


KB articles related to email (Exchange for Fac/staff, Gmail for students) public folders, mailing lists, etc.

Collaboration and Storage

KB articles related to file collaboration and storage, including Box, Google Drive and WebFiles

Computer Hardware and Software

KB articles related to computer hardware, software, and loaner equipment.

Print, Copy, Scan

KB articles related to printer purchase requests, printing, copying, scanning, connecting to dept network printer, etc.

TV and Multimedia Services

KB articles for campus television and multimedia services.

Teaching, Learning, and Classrooms

KB articles related to training, TLC, Blackboard, class & lab services, research support, etc.


KB articles related to projects (submitting a request, managing a project, being a member of a project, etc.)


KB articles related to LastPass, Antivirus and Endpoint Detection, Phishing, Cybersecurity, etc.

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Downtime for personal tilde (~) websites and Chalk sites 3/19 6 pm - 8 pm.

Downtime for personal tilde (~) websites and Chalk sites 3/19 Friday from 6 pm to 8 pm.