OnBase - Software Deployment/Installation

Service Overview

OnBase can be accessed in a few ways. There is a Web Client, which can be accessed from any PC connected to University of Richmond’s internal network. Multiple browsers are compatible with OnBase. The second method is the OnBase Unity client, which is a full OnBase client that can be installed on a PC running a current version of the Windows OS. 

Available To

All Staff and Faculty with a current OnBase account.

Getting Started

Web Client 

The OnBase web client provides the same functionality as the Unity Client. The biggest benefit is that there is no software that needs to be installed, which means that the users can use their preferred PC (Windows, MAC, Chromebook, etc.) to connect to OnBase.  Additionally, the link provided below will not change even after an OnBase upgrade.   

The following items should be considered when using the OnBase Web Client.

  1. The Web Client can be accessed off campus; however VPN needs to be enabled first (only off campus). 
  2. Pop up blocker: If pop up blocker is enabled a message will appear the first time OnBase is accessed. Usually there is an option to disable the pop blocker for the existing site (OnBase Web Client).
  3. The Web Client currently cannot be accessed from a mobile device (tablet or phone).  A mobile application is available for these devices, which provides some basic OnBase functionality. 
  4. Browser Support
    • OnBase supports the most recent stable versions of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla® Firefox®, and Google Chrome™. Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 11 and Apple® Safari® version 12. x on macOS are also supported.
    • If an incompatible browser is identified the following message will appear

Link for the OnBase web client:

*Please note that if you are off campus, the VPN is required to access OnBase. 

Unity Client

The OnBase Unity Client is a full OnBase client that can be installed on a Windows based workstation. The Unity Client can be accessed offsite with VPN enabled.

The Help Desk will need to push the Unity Client to your Windows based workstation. Please click on the OnBase Software Request button located on this page.

OnBase Software Request


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