Cloud App Request (Box, Google, Office365)

Service Overview

Google, Box, and Microsoft’s O365 cloud-based environments all include applications (apps) to enhance the use of those products. Most of the vendor-written apps are enabled by default, but some (including most third-party apps) are not. All non-enabled apps must be reviewed and approved by our App Vetting Group in order to be enabled. To be approved, the requested app must pass a thorough review of legal and security requirements. 

The App Vetting Group meets on an as-needed (usually monthly) basis and will make a determination based on the app’s licensing requirements, legal implications, security standards, and whether the University can provide technical support for its use.

NOTE: The Zoom Enterprise platform is new to the University of Richmond. While we are pleased with the performance of the basic capabilities of Zoom, we do not yet have experience vetting and testing the many applications and plugins that Zoom promotes as integrations with other products that are being used on campus. Additionally, Zoom has recently acknowledged that they have experienced security issues on a global scale. Although we trust that Zoom will be working diligently to address these security vulnerabilities, we have decided to postpone the consideration of application integrations to this platform until we are confident that Zoom has addressed all necessary security enhancements.

Available To

Faculty, Staff, and Students.

Getting Started

Please review the Previously Submitted Cloud Apps article prior to submitting the Cloud App Request form. 

Submit a completed Cloud App Request form.

In order to expedite the approval process, please include as much detail as possible about why you feel it should be enabled (e.g., does this affect just you or a group of people? How does this make a particular task easier? Etc.). Please note that your request may take 1-3 months to be fully vetted and for a decision to be made.

Cloud App Request


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