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Service Overview

Files and folders that belong to a department are typically not shared outside of the University.  The reason for this is that departmental folders are intended for critical files needed to support long-term administrative and academic units.  These are often sensitive in nature and are accessed by diverse groups of faculty and staff.  Box makes it extremely easy for a single person to share files with others (intentionally or accidentally).  To minimize the likelihood of an accidental data exposure outside the campus community, the default configuration is to restrict collaboration within departmental folders to campus members.  If individuals wish to collaborate or share with others outside of the campus community, they are encouraged to do so via their individual Box folders.  In this way, an accidental exposure outside the University would be limited to the contents of that individual’s folder only.

However, if there is a demonstrated need to create a specific departmental folder for the purpose of collaborating outside of the University, a departmental Box co-owner can make the request by filling out and submitting the request form.

CAUTION: Content placed within an externally-shared folder will be accessible outside of the University and should therefore NOT be used for the storage or transfer of confidential or restricted information as defined by the University’s Data Security Policy as well as the University’s External Party Data Transfer Policy.

Available To

Department Box folders

Getting Started

departmental Box co-owner can submit the Department External Collaboration Request form. You can determine the co-owner of a departmental Box folder by viewing the Collaborator panel on the right hand side of the departmental folder.

Please note that by requesting external collaboration for the Department Box folder, a separate folder for the Department will be created specifically for External Collaboration. The co-owner(s) will be contacted when the "External" folder is created. 

Department External Collaboration Request


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