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Upon retirement, faculty and staff have the option to purchase their current primary system. Secondary systems are not available for purchase.

The price of a system is set annually according to fair market value.  The FMV assessment is based on the age and configuration of the system.  Computer peripherals are not included in the price of the system; however, if the retiring employee wishes to purchase the peripheral equipment connected to their primary computer, (such as dock, personal printers, monitors), fair market value pricing will apply.

Retirees should contact the Help Desk to schedule a time to bring in the system to be reconfigured. Reconfiguring your system includes removing university owned software (MS Office, Acrobat, etc.), and assistance with moving or saving files.  The computer operating system (OS) remains on the system.  If you have purchased software to replace the university owned applications and you have the media, the technician will install these applications for you.

All checks should be made payable to “University of Richmond” and should be delivered to the IS Procurement Coordinator, or the Information Services Administrative office, prior to the retirement date.

Available To

Retiring Faculty and Staff

Getting Started

Retiring faculty or staff interested in purchasing their computer should submit the Retiree Computer Purchase form within 30 days of their last day of employment. This time frame is necessary to schedule a Help Desk technician to work with you on the computer configuration changes. 

Submit the Retiree Computer Purchase form.

Issues and Questions

If you are still having an issue and would like other assistance, please contact the IS Procurement Office at is_procurement@richmond.edu.

Retiree Computer Purchase


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