Virtual Reality

Service Overview

The TLC offers a HTC Vive and Hololens in a small classroom setting, available to current students, faculty, and staff for both academic and personal needs. We have a range of VR applications available on Steam; if there is an application you are looking for but we do not have, contact the TLC about getting access. Reserved sessions typically last about an hour, where a TLC staff member will guide you through using the VR equipment and will subsequently supervise for the entirety of the experience. The virtual reality headset can project to multiple screens in the classroom for presentations, if needed.

This service is on hold until distancing restrictions are lifted. TLC staff must remain close to instruct individuals on using the system and to help keep them safe while wearing a headset.

Available To

Current Faculty, Staff, and Students

Getting Started

For questions about the service or to be put on a waiting list to get access, please use the Submit a Ticket form in the sidebar. 

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