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Information Services has implemented LastPass, a secure online password manager, to store and manage passwords. It is a digital vault that keeps all your website logins organized and safe. LastPass can also create new passwords, fill out online forms, alert you about weak passwords, and more.

LastPass Enterprise is available to Faculty and Staff for storing and managing University account passwords. As a benefit, we are able to offer LastPass Premium to students, staff, and faculty for personal password management.

For Faculty and Staff, your LastPass Enterprise account (which uses your work email address) should be used for work related account passwords only. If you would like to store personal passwords in a password manager, you can also create a free personal LastPass Premium account.  You may also link your Premium account to your Enterprise account to have access to both vaults through your Enterprise account. 

The LastPass software must be installed on your web browser(s) as an extension to take full advantage of all LastPass features. As you go to work-related sites, save the credentials to your LastPass vault. LastPass will then autofill those passwords the next time you log in.

We recommend following these best practices when using LastPass:

  • Use the password generator to make sure every password is unique and strong
  • Create a long, strong master password. To make it long but memorable, consider making a “passphrase”, like: TealBrick2PumpedLunchSkiing!
  • Never share your master password with anyone, including LastPass
  • Never use your master password as the password for any other account, including your University account

Available To

Faculty, Staff, and Students

Getting Started

Faculty and Staff can request the Enterprise account by submitting the Request LastPass Enterprise form. Once requested, you should receive the confirmation email inviting you to LastPass within 1 business day. 

Students, Faculty, and Staff can visit to create your free LastPass Premium account. When signing up, you will be prompted to enter your University email address to receive the Premium account benefit, but the email address that will be associated with the premium account should be a personal email address of your choosing. 

Keep in mind when creating your Master Password, that the master password or passphrase should be unique and considerably difficult as it protects your other passwords and any account information stored in LastPass.

Issues and Questions

Faculty or Staff that have forgotten their LastPass Master Password, can request to have it reset by submitting the Master Password Reset form. 

If you are having an issue with your LastPass account, please submit the Report a Problem form so that we may assist. 

Request LastPass Enterprise Get LastPass Premium Request Master Password Reset Report a Problem

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Service Offerings (4)

LastPass Enterprise Request
LastPass Enterprise accounts are available for Faculty and Staff as a password manager for University related credentials.
LastPass Premium
LastPass Premium accounts are available for Faculty, Staff, and Students as a password manager for personal password management.
Master Password Reset
If you have forgotten your master password for your LastPass Enterprise account, you can submit a request to have it reset.
Report a Problem
Submit a ticket if you are experiencing an issue with using LastPass.