Service Overview

The University has partnered with Philo to provide IPTV streaming services for all of our cable TV channels. This service allows you to stream the same TV programming available on the cable television system, to your computer or mobile device. The system also includes DVR service, with up to 20 hours of recording for each user. The Philo service is available to all students who are currently housed on campus, as well as to faculty for classroom use. The Philo service is only accessible when attached to the university network (wired or wireless).

The Philo app can also be installed and used on many Roku Devices. Please see this Philo article for a list of currently compatible Roku Devices:

Philo is not accessible through the VPN.

Available To

Students and Faculty

Getting Started

  • Access the service:
    • On your computer: simply navigate to using a browser
    • On your mobile phone: text philo to 62687 to receive a link to download the app
    • On your tablet: search for Philo Edu in the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store
    • On your Roku TV: 
  • Log into the service using your university netid and password
  • Start watching!

Issues and Questions

If you require further assistance please call the TMSS Office at 804-287-6500 or email

Further Philo support is available from their website

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