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Service Overview

Prioritization Methodology

OnBase is a single enterprise information platform for managing content, processes and cases. The following are the types of processes that would be candidates for OnBase (listed in increasing order of institutional value and implementation complexity/duration):

  1. Simple document storage/retrieval with no workflow (essentially, an electronic filing cabinet, similar to a folder on your PC or on Box). This type of usage is typically not considered high-value in terms of improving processes or gaining efficiencies.
  2. Document storage/retrieval with simple workflows (typically for approval or sign off); does not include electronic forms.
  3. Document storage/retrieval with complex workflows and/or electronic forms to capture associated data; does not require integration with other systems (e.g., Banner).
  4. Document storage/retrieval with complex workflows and electronic forms that require integration with other University systems; typically transformational for an office.

Note: All solutions must provide requirements for how long the documents or forms will need to be retained within OnBase.  As a result, a “Document Retention” or “Records Management” solution will need to be completed for existing projects before new projects are undertaken.

Available To

All Staff and Faculty with a current OnBase account.

Getting Started

To submit a project request, please visit the SpiderTechNet IS Project Request page.



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