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The Technology Learning Center supports large format poster printing for University of Richmond credit-earning class projects and conferences. The HP DesignJet z6800 printer is limited to 5 feet in width.

Faculty and students shall be responsible for creating their own poster and preparing it to print. The poster should be set to the final printing size of the poster and can be created using PowerPoint, Illustrator, or Photoshop. Appointments to print are required and users are expected to be involved in the printing process. Multiple copies or large quantity requests will be referred to the UR Print Shop where the user is responsible for the cost of printing. 

Available To

Current Faculty and Students

Getting Started

Please request an appointment. You can email if you would like us to evaluate your poster for print readiness.

The TLC lab computers have graphics editing programs available for use.

If you interested in learning how to create a poster and would like instruction, please schedule a Training and Consultation appointment.

Request an Appointment

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