Interactive Building Directories

Service Overview

TMSS supports the installation and use of Interactive Building Directories that are used to help visitors find information specific to occupants and locations in the building in which they are installed. The University has standardized on the use of Touchsource building directories.

It is the responsibility of the department(s) in the building to maintain the content (images and personnel listings/locations) utilizing the Touchsource Portal. 

Available To

Campus Departments

Getting Started

Interactive Building Directories are usually installed during renovation or new construction projects.  If you are interested in adding an interactive building directory in your space, submit the Request Consultation form to let us know.

Issues and Questions

If you have an existing Directory that is not working, please use the Report a Problem button.

If you are wondering how to update information in an existing directory, please use the Request a Change button.

If you require further assistance please call the TMSS Office at 804-287-6500 or email

Request a Consultation Request a Change Report a Problem


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Service Offerings (3)

Request a Consultation
If you are interested in adding an interactive building directory in your space, you can submit a ticket for a consultation with our TMSS department.
Request a Change
Let us know that an update needs to be made to an Interactive Building Directory, and we will help you with finding the person(s) responsible for maintaining that directory.
Report a Problem
Submit a ticket to let us know if an existing Interactive Building Directory is not working properly, or is displaying any unusual messages.