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Print Credits for Students

Students are given a standard number of print credits each semester. This allows printing on all public printers on campus (computer labs, classrooms, libraries, etc.). Once these have been used students may purchase additional print credits either through their Bannerweb and SpiderCard accounts or from the main service desk at Boatwright Library.

  Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer
Full Time Students 400 400 200
Part Time Students 200 200 200
Law School Students 100 100 100


Exception: For Printing at the law school see

Conference/Guest Policy

Conference and guest accounts are not given any print credits, but they can be purchased as needed. 

Available To

Students and Guests

Getting Started


Print credits issued in the fall and spring semesters will carry over through completion of the end of the summer terms. At the end of the summer term all print credits will be set to zero. New print credits will be credited at the beginning of the fall semester as described above.

Students can purchase additional print credits online by logging into their Bannerweb account. After logging in, click on 'Spidercard Main Menu,' and then click 'Buy Print Credits.' Credits cost $.08 each and are sold in increments of 25. If you need to add additional funds to your Spidercard, you can do so by following the appropriate link on the same Web page. This service allows you to conduct the transaction from any on-campus computer.


If printing is required for these accounts, they can be purchased from the main service desk in Boatwright Library (the maximum cash purchase at the library is $10.00 (125 credits)). If purchasing credits in advance, the request must include an index account number and the number of print credits per account. The cost is $.08 per print credit in 25 unit increments per person.



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