Service Overview

The web at the University of Richmond is centrally managed using a content management system called, Cascade CMS. Web Services and University Communications administers this tool and offer training materials and tutorials at

The following forms are available for accessing and editing your site:


  • Request Training and Access
(for requesting Cascade training and access)
  • Update Content   
(for text, photography, and bio changes)
  • Remove Duplicate Content 
(pertains to events, bios, and stories)
  • URPoster Forms Request
(our in-house form builder)
  • Webpage Redirect Request
(for preventing errors and broken links when moving pages)
  • Secure Web Content Request 
(for placing content behind login)

Available To

Faculty and Staff


Getting Started

To begin editing your site, fill out our Request Training and Access form. Once your access has been set up and your training is complete, you can begin editing your site. As questions arise, be sure to access our training materials and tutorials at and return to this page to request help.

For any questions or requests not covered by our training materials or the above forms, please fill out our Technical Support form.

Request Training and Access Update Content Remove Duplicate Content URPoster Forms Request Webpage Redirect Request Secure Web Content Request Technical Support


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Service Offerings (7)

Request Training and Access
Request Training and Access for Cascade
Update Content
For text, photography, and bio changes
Remove Duplicate Content
Pertains to events, bios, and stories
URPoster Forms Request
Requests for new forms or changes to existing forms.
Webpage Redirect Request
For preventing errors and broken links when moving pages
Secure Web Content Request
For placing content behind login
Technical Support Form
Request Technical support related to Web Services.