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Pinned Article Specialty Software

Specialty software is defined as software needed for a specific job function such as Web page development, document publishing, or high-end graphic design. Depending on the product, there may be a charge to your department.

Check for Updates on Macs

Apple frequently releases software updates for macOS, iTunes, Safari, and various other Apple managed apps.

End of Support for macOS 10.14 Mojave

Details on the end of support for Mojave on University managed Macs, and information on how to upgrade to a newer OS.

How to Check and Install Lenovo drivers using Lenovo System Update.

Instructions for how to manually check and install driver updates on Lenovo desktop and laptop computers

How to Check Online for Updates through Microsoft Update

Instructions for how to manually check for updates to your Windows computer through Windows Update.

How To Clear Cache & Cookies from your Web Browser

Instructions for clearing cache and cookies on various web browsers

Install New Windows Update Client

How to ensure University managed Windows computers are configured to receive Windows Updates when working remotely

Installing Windows Updates While Working Remotely

Information Services needs to continue the process of applying patches and critical updates to UR computer assets for computers that are being used on or off campus. Remember that a computer that is patched and updated on a regular basis helps to protect you against cyber threats.

Java Uninstall Tool for Windows computers

This tool will allow Windows computers to uninstall all versions of Java from Windows computers.

Learn About Software Updates

By regularly updating your computer systems, phones, and tablets, you are helping to protect the device against security vulnerabilities while also making sure the software stays current.

Maximizing your iPad's potential

Information on how to use your iPad effectively for work or school

Microsoft Updates for University Faculty and Staff Owned PCs

Microsoft releases updates Monthly. These updates are reviewed and tested by the Help Desk, and then released to the University community.

New Outlook for Mac

Information regarding the New Outlook mode on macOS

Office 365 : How to manage the number of devices you have installed

You can easily mange the number of devices that you are signed into for Microsoft Office 365 by clicking the sign out button next the device.

Remote to your Windows computer

Instructions on how to remote to your Windows computer from another device

Set a Default Program in Windows 10

How to set a default program?

Support for Windows 11

Windows 11 support

Troubleshoot Microsoft Office activations on macOS

If you encounter activation related errors while using Office on your Mac, follow these troubleshooting steps.

Troubleshoot OS updates on macOS (Faculty/Staff)

How to troubleshoot installing updates for macOS (Faculty/Staff)

Troubleshoot OS updates on Windows (Faculty/Staff)

How to troubleshoot installing updates for Windows (Faculty/Staff)

Updates for UR Windows Computers

This is the direct message sent to users about the windows 10 upgrade

Updating Your Web Browser

A critical security vulnerability (CVE-2022-1096) was announced on Friday, 3/25/22, for Google Chrome and Chromium-based web browsers, such as Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Vivaldi.  Users are urged to review the information links provided below and update their personal systems as soon as possible.  You can find information about applying software updates to systems not managed by the university on SpiderTechNet with the article "Updating Your Web Browser".

Vendor Discounts for Personal Software Purchase

Vendor discounts are available for faculty, staff, and students interested in purchasing software for their personal computers.

VMware Fusion Player

Information on accessing a personal use license for VMware Fusion Player that will allow you to install and run Windows on your Mac

Windows 10 FAQ

Frequently asked questions related to the Windows 10 operating system.

Windows 10 Version Upgrades

Information Services needs to continue the process of applying patches and critical Windows 10 version/feature updates to UR computer assets. Remember that a computer that is patched and updated on a regular basis helps to protect you against cyber threats, and this is especially important with increased Internet activity in general. In order for your Windows machine to receive these important updates, we recommend that you follow one of these options.