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Instructions for how to print to a public pluto printer once printers are installed
Instructions on how to connect to the University of Richmond's network. The University's network provides secure access to the Internet and administrative systems. Students, faculty, and staff can connect to the network while on campus or off campus.
List of public printers
While the University Network does not support personal wireless printers, there are public printers available on campus for faculty, staff, and students to print to.
The macOS and Windows standard software is preinstalled on all Faculty and Staff University owned computers.
Apple frequently releases software updates for macOS, iTunes, Safari, and various other Apple managed apps.
Review this article for help with troubleshooting CrowdStrike Falcon issues on your Mac
Previous Mac Hardware Standards for 2019 - 2020
Information on support for the new M1 powered Apple Silicon Macs
Standard Mac desktop and laptops configuration.
Instructions for uninstalling CrowdStrike Falcon
How to troubleshoot installing updates for macOS (Faculty/Staff)
Instructions for uninstalling Sophos Antivirus from your Mac
Instructions for installing a networked printer on your University owned and managed Mac
Instructions on using Time Machine to backup your Mac with an external hard drive