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Instructions on how to connect to the University of Richmond's network. The University's network provides secure access to the Internet and administrative systems. Students, faculty, and staff can connect to the network while on campus or off campus.
Information Services needs to continue the process of applying patches and critical updates to UR computer assets for computers that are being used on or off campus. Remember that a computer that is patched and updated on a regular basis helps to protect you against cyber threats.
Instructions for installing and printing to the public pluto printers on a Windows computer
Instructions on how to remote to your Windows computer from another device
This is the direct message sent to users about the windows 10 upgrade
University standard software can be found on all University-owned computers in the library, classrooms, labs, or offices.
Previous Windows Hardware Standards for 2018 - 2019
Standard Windows desktop and laptops configuration.
How to troubleshoot installing updates for Windows (Faculty/Staff)
How to ensure University managed Windows computers are configured to receive Windows Updates when working remotely
Previous Windows Hardware Standards for 2020-2021
While the University Network does not support personal wireless printers, there are public printers available on campus for faculty, staff, and students to print to.
Information on accessing a personal use license for VMware Fusion Player that will allow you to install and run Windows on your Mac
Previous Windows Hardware Standards for 2019-2020
Your computer can be backed up using an external device, such as an external hard drive or a flash drive.