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Software updates are an important part of maintaining a computer system. By regularly updating your computer systems, phones, and tablets, you are helping to protect the device against security vulnerabilities while also making sure the software stays current. 

Details / Instructions

University Computers

Software updates for faculty and staff Macs and PCs are managed through the computer Help Desk. Operating system upgrades for Windows and Mac OS will be restricted on University computers until they are tested thoroughly. When an OS upgrade is available, Information Services will post an alert about the upgrade and if we are supporting the upgrade on our managed machines.

Information about how updates are pushed to University managed Macs and PCs can be found below:

Personal Computers and Devices

It is important to regularly check for updates on your computers and devices. Windows and Mac OS are usually set to automatically check for updates but it is important to check regularly to make sure this is still functioning properly. When prompted for an upgrade to the operating system on your computer, it is wise to take caution because this is a major upgrade to the software on your machine. 

Information for how to update your computer and devices can be found below:

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