About ClearPass


The ClearPass client is used to keep our University network secure by making sure that personal and university owned Windows and Mac computers have their firewalls active, antivirus installed and running, and the system updates turned on. All computers that are connected to the network will be required to have the ClearPass software agent installed on the machine before it will be allowed access to the network. Phones, tablets, gaming consoles, and other similar devices do not require an agent at this time.

Individuals with a Linux computer or Chromebook should contact the Help Desk to get the computer registered on the network. 

Details / Instructions

All Students: You will need to install the ClearPass software agent. ClearPass will monitor the health of your machine to make sure that the operating system is up-to-date and has all of its patches. It will also make sure that the computer's firewall is turned on and that the University required antivirus is installed on the computer. Note: If you have a corporate laptop, you must bring the laptop in to the UR Help Desk.

Faculty and Staff: Faculty and Staff with a University owned computer, will have the agent pre-installed on their computers. Faculty and Staff who are using their own personal computers on campus will be required to install ClearPass. 

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