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Steps for instructors to generate an archive of an entire Blackboard course
The final step in migrating the Adobe Console is to synchronize the accounts in the Richmond Directory with Adobe. After syncing, it was discovered that Federated User IDs were not created if users already had a named user license issued from the University of Richmond. Faculty who need access on shared device license computers need to have Federated IDs created manually. This occurs mainly in computers labs. To follow these steps, you must have admin access to the Adobe Console.
LastPass Frequently Asked Questions
Information and instructions on acquiring a LastPass Enterprise Account
Once Proofpoint is scanning your inbound email messages and you are receiving the Proofpoint End User Digest, you should disable the Junk Filters that may be turned on in your Outlook for Windows mail client.
As of May18, 2021, Box supports Collections.
Windows 11 support
Information Services needs to continue the process of applying patches and critical updates to UR computer assets for computers that are being used on or off campus. Remember that a computer that is patched and updated on a regular basis helps to protect you against cyber threats.
The "Box external password" is a different password from your UR NetID's passphrase and will allow "external access" to your Box account for third-party apps, such as FTP.
Instructions for how to access Public Folder inboxes and Calendars in Outlook on Windows and macOS or in Outlook Web Access.
Recommended hardware specifications aimed toward students who are looking to purchase a new computer.
Standard Windows desktop and laptops configuration.
With the current global events taking place, there has been a great increase in cyberattacks and malware distribution globally.
Instructions for Students, Retirees, and Alumni to follow to be able to add their Richmond Gmail account to their various devices.
Instructions for Faculty and Staff to follow to be able to add their O365 email account to their various devices.
Instructions for how to determine the individual that is the owner of a file or folder on Box.
While on campus, students, staff, and faculty can wirelessly and securely access the University network through 'urwin'.
Accessing your university's email account will require you to authenticate with Duo once you login to that account via your smart device, the web mail interface, or your desktop client.
Steps to delete a LastPass account (w/o knowing its master password):
Personal computers that are owned and/or used by faculty and staff that connect to the University of Richmond network must have the recommended standard anti-virus software installed.
Frequently Asked Questions for CrowdStrike Endpoint Protection
Instructions for uninstalling CrowdStrike Falcon
Information and instructions on acquiring a LastPass Premium Account
A list of FAQs and terms in reference to the University's Wireless Network