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A listing of classrooms that are enabled for use with lecture capture.
Instructions for uninstalling CrowdStrike Falcon
Follow these instructions to install CrowdStrike Falcon on your Mac to protect your computer and prepare your Mac for connection to the university's network.
This article outlines the steps for accessing and deleting, or recovering already deleted, Zoom Cloud meeting recordings
This article outlines the steps to download meeting recording files from the Zoom Cloud
While on campus, students, staff, and faculty can wirelessly and securely access the University network through 'urwin'.
'VisitUR' provides public wifi access for guests and affiliates while on campus.
The 'Richmond' wireless network is used to connect smart devices and game consoles after they are registered.
Eduroam is a global wireless network access service for research and education visitors.
Instructions for faculty, staff, and students on how to connect their computers, smartphones, and tablets to the secure 'urwin' wireless network.
A list of FAQs and terms in reference to the University's Wireless Network
Instructions on how to connect to the University of Richmond's network. The University's network provides secure access to the Internet and administrative systems. Students, faculty, and staff can connect to the network while on campus or off campus.
Explanation of Zoom Cloud Recording and steps to enable cloud recording in your Zoom account
Frequently Asked Questions about Exchange Email (Faculty and Staff)
Details of how accounts are expired for various types of students, employee, and retirees.
Most technology enabled teaching and learning spaces are equipped with a standard technology configuration that facilitates ease of use and a consistent experience, regardless of room assignment.
Information Services will be providing training on the standard classroom technology that has been scaled across campus in preparation for Fall 2021.
Please join Information Services TMSS technicians for a series of discussions on the classroom technology configurations for the Fall 2021 semester.
A letter to Faculty from our AVP Doug West in regards to the classroom technology planning for Fall 2021
Review this information for tips and recommendations on using technology on campus as a new employee
Information Services has deployed speakers with dedicated wireless mics to many of the classroom spaces on campus.
Information about the public Computer Lab on the ground floor of Jepson Hall
Gottwald Science Lab E100 Information