Updates for UR Windows Computers

This is an important message to all faculty and staff at the University of Richmond that are assigned Windows computer systems.   Over the past years, primarily as a result of so many members of our community working remotely for extended periods of time, there are a number of Windows computer systems that have not remained current with critical patches and updates.  There are several Windows OS version updates that should be applied to your University computer (primary and secondary systems) as soon as possible (this does not affect Apple computer systems).

On your Windows computer, go to the Start Menu and type "winver" and hit Enter.  The operating system name and version number will display in a window.  If your Windows computer version is not 21H2 or higher, we ask that you please follow the instructions below to update your Operating System version:


If your system is already at version 21H2 or higher, there is no further action to be taken for this OS update.

We additionally recommend running Windows updates, from Microsoft.  These updates are applied regularly by IS when you are working on campus, but again, because of remote work, we believe that a number of machines need to be updated.  Please follow the instructions at:


After you have completed the Microsoft updates you will also need to run Lenovo hardware updates:


The time needed to complete the updates will vary based on the current version numbers.  It may take 1.5 to 2 hours for some systems to go through the updates; please also be aware that some patches and updates may require a restart before proceeding to the next step in the process.

If you are completing this process from your home network, we recommend that you should VPN into the University of Richmond network. Also, your home network speed may contribute to the length of time needed to complete this update:


If you have additional Windows computers in your area you will also need to update them at this time.

If you have any concerns or issues regarding these upgrades, please contact the Help Desk . You can also create a ticket onhttps://SpiderTechNet.richmond.edu/

Thank you,
Information Services


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