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The Restricted Network is comprised of devices that would normally pose a vulnerability to other users, data, and applications. The Restricted Network allows aging technology to continue to run on a short-term basis, until it is upgraded or replaced, by restricting the ability of devices to connect to services on the Campus Network.
LastPass Frequently Asked Questions
Instructions for uninstalling CrowdStrike Falcon
Steps to delete a LastPass account (w/o knowing its master password):
Frequently Asked Questions for CrowdStrike Endpoint Protection
Information and instructions on acquiring a LastPass Premium Account
Information and instructions on acquiring a LastPass Enterprise Account
CrowdStrike Falcon is the University provided antivirus and required to be installed on all student computers and University-owned computers in order to connect to the University network.
Personal computers that are owned and/or used by faculty and staff that connect to the University of Richmond network must have the recommended standard anti-virus software installed.
Duo Authentication policy Change
How to change your LastPass Master Password
Information Services continues to see phishing attempts sent using shared Google Drive links. This article explains what to do if you receive a message and suspect it may be a phishing attempt.
Article defining actions that users should take in the event that they receive an account leak notification.
Security Questions can be set on Network Accounts through the Network Account Management site.