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About Volunteer and Contractor Accounts

Volunteer and contractor accounts are temporary accounts that are created to give computer and/or network resource access to individuals while they are working on campus.

Account Expirations

Details of how accounts are expired for various types of students, employee, and retirees.

How to Activate Network Accounts

This will show you how to complete the initial creation of your network account, also known as your NetID.

How to Set a Password Reset Phone Number

A phone number can be set to enable an individual to do a self-service reset of their password if they were to ever forget their password.

How to Set Password Reset Questions

Password Reset Questions can be set on Network Accounts through the Network Account Management site.

Learn Remotely Checklist

Review this information for information and tips on learning remotely

On Campus Technology Checklist – Students

A checklist of various technology resources available to students after arriving on campus

Return to Campus Checklist – Faculty and Staff

Review this information for tips and recommendations on preparing to return to campus

Update Network Password on a Windows PC

The instructions should be followed to update your network password on a Windows PC. There are different instructions to follow depending on if the PC is University owned or personal.

Update Network Password on macOS (Student and Personal Macs)

Instructions for updating your personal Mac with your new network password after a password change

Update Network Password on macOS (University Macs)

Instructions for using NoMAD to update your network password on your Mac

Work Remotely Checklist

Review this information for information and tips on working remotely