What are Volunteer and Contractor Accounts?


Volunteer and contractor accounts are temporary accounts that are created to give computer and/or network resource access to individuals while they are working on campus. 

All volunteer and contractor account users are subject to the Policies Regarding the Use of Technology and Information Resources. Connectivity issues or computer registration problems that are not addressed by this policy may be directed to the University Help Desk.

Details / Instructions

Volunteer Account

A volunteer account can be created for an individual who supports an organization or department on campus and needs access to University of Richmond resources, such as: O365 email, Banner, Box, and/or Blackboard. To request a volunteer account, a Volunteer/Non-UR Employee form must be filled out and submitted to Human Resources. 

Contractor Account

A contractor account can be requested for an individual who is hired by the University of Richmond to work on campus for a determined period of time and who needs access to University network resources. These resources may include: O365 email, Banner, Box, and/or Blackboard. The steps below must be completed to request and create an account for contractors.

  • Contact HR to obtain and complete the Independent Contractor Checklist.
  • Human Resources will set the contractor up in Banner and create a URID.
  • The contractor will activate their network account at https://webpass.richmond.edu after clicking the secure link in their account activation email.
  • If the contractor needs access to shared department resources, such as Departmental Box Folders and/or Shared Mailboxes, contact the Help Desk at 804-287-6400.

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