Update Network Password on macOS (University Macs)


When you change your network password, your Mac needs to be updated with your new network password in order to prevent any login issues or the need to use two separate passwords use your Mac. There are also some services and applications on your Mac that you need to update with your new network password. For University managed Macs, you can use NoMAD to help you update and sync all your passwords automatically, all without the need for Ethernet. 


If you are off-campus, please connect to the VPN before changing your password.


  1. Click on the NoMAD icon in the menu bar and select "Change Password". This will open up Webpass, where you can sign in with your NetID and current password and then change your network password. 
  2. Once the password is changed, click on the NoMAD icon in the menu bar, and a prompt will appear that the password was changed and you will have the option to sign in. Click on Sign In and enter your new network password. 
    nomad prompt


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