Update Network Password on macOS (University Macs)


When you change your network password, your Mac needs to be updated with your new network password in order to prevent any login issues or the need to use two separate passwords use your Mac. There are also some services and applications on your Mac that you need to update with your new network password. For University managed Macs, NoMAD or Jamf Connect will keep your passwords in sync and prompt you to update your password, when required.


If you are off-campus, please connect to the VPN before changing your password.


Determining Application  

The instructions for updating the password on your Mac will differ slightly depending on whether Jamf Connect or NoMAD is installed. To find out which application is installed on your Mac, check the app icons on the right-side of the menu bar. If you see a triangle with a check mark, you have NoMAD installed. If you see a square with the top-left corner cut off, you have Jamf Connect installed.

Image of NoMAD menu bar options

NoMAD Icon

Image of Jamf Connect menu bar options

Jamf Connect Icon

Updating Password

Jamf Connect

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