Faculty and Staff Separation Checklist


In preparation for leaving the University of Richmond it is recommended that you review the below checklist. Completion of these items will make the transition easier for you and your department. Please be aware that reviewing emails and files and saving personal information may take a while to complete, so we recommend to start the process well before your last day.


Account ExpirationAccounts for staff expire one day after termination of employment. Accounts for faculty expire sixty (60) days after termination of employment. When your account expires, you will lose access to network computing accounts and resources such as email, Box, and computer and network access.


  • Personal emails should be forwarded to a personal email account or exported to a .pst file if you wish to save those emails
  • Work related emails can be forwarded to another person or exported to a .pst file, as directed by your supervisor
  • Notify friends and colleagues of new contact information
  • If requested by your department, a temporary autoreply message can be set on your email address to notify people that you are no longer with UR and who they should contact. This can be requested by sending an email to helpdesk@richmond.edu with the autoreply text. The autoreply will be set for 2 weeks after the account expires
  • Alumni: If you are an alumni and previously had a Gmail account prior to employment, you will be able to switch back over to the Gmail account from Exchange. If you did not have a Gmail account prior to employment, you can set up email forwarding to a personal email address through https://wwws.richmond.edu/alumni
  • Retirees: A new (empty) Gmail account will be provided for you to use. The address for this account is the same as your regular Richmond.edu email address. If you are interested in transferring your Exchange email to your Gmail account prior to retirement, please contact the Help Desk
  • If you manage a mailing list, submit the Mailing List Change of Manager form

Computer, Cellphone, and other Assets

  • Laptops, iPads, computer bags and accessories, including any loaner devices, should be brought to the Helpdesk, located in Jepson Hall G-19, to be turned into the IS Procurement Coordinator, Stephanie Charles. Desktop computers can be left in your office. Contact the IS Procurement Coordinator (Stephanie Charles - scharles@richmond.edu) to verify your office electronic assets.​​​​​​
  • Notify the Telecom Office (ext. 6500, telecom@richmond.edu) to terminate any University owned cell phone or other device contract and return the item to the Telecom Office in Jepson G-2
  • Return all checked out books, media, or other items to the Library

Work and Personal Files (Box, Webfiles, Computer)

  • Review any personal files from your computer and from Box. If you wish to save the files, you can copy them to an external flash drive or external harddrive, or email them to a personal email address
  • Save work related files to a Department Box folder or an external drive, as recommended by your supervisor
  • In Box, if you are the ‘owner’ of any work related files, either move them to a department Box folder, or change ownership to a colleague, as recommended by your supervisor. Neglecting to change ownership of a Box folder you own and share with colleagues will result in your colleagues losing access to that folder when your account expires
  • If you were using webfiles for a personal webpage, make sure you save the data from your webfiles folder
  • Retirees and Alumni – will have access to move personal files to the Google Drive cloud storage through the Richmond.edu Gmail account
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