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DUO Push for Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

Duo Push article to explain how to work with this method and to be wary of Duo Push Fatigue attacks.

How to Enroll in Duo

Instructions for how to enroll in Duo with either a smartphone, tablet, or hardware token.

How to Login to Email with Duo

Accessing your university's email account will require you to authenticate with Duo once you login to that account via your smart device, the web mail interface, or your desktop client.

Removing Mail Settings from iOS or Android Devices

If you encounter problems receiving mail or syncing calendars on your mobile device, you may need to delete your older UR email account settings and reconfigure.

Using a Duo Passcode (hardtoken or mobile app)

Information regarding using a passcode with Duo

How to Reactivate a Smartphone or Tablet with Duo

Instructions for how to reactivate the Duo app on your smartphone or tablet.

How to Login to Bannerweb with Duo

Instructions for logging in to BannerWeb using different methods from Duo.

How to Connect to the VPN using Duo

Instructions for connecting to the VPN using different methods from Duo.

What is a Duo Hardware Token?

Hardware Tokens are an option that can be used for Duo's Two-Factor Authentication if you don't have a smartphone or tablet that the Duo App can be installed on.


Frequently Asked Questions about Duo two-factor authentication.