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The University offers the Box cloud-based file storage and collaboration platform for the secure storage and sharing of data. Some of these data may be defined as Confidential or Restricted Information by the University's Data Security Policy. Strong access controls, such as Duo Multifactor Authentication (MFA), are being implemented to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to such information.

Details / Instructions

You will be prompted for Duo MFA when accessing Box under the following conditions:

  • Each time you access Box from a new browser session.
  • Your initial access to Box using Box Drive or the Box App for each device.
  • When your UR password changes.
  • If you logout of Box Drive or the Box App on your device and then re-authenticate to Box Drive or the Box App on that device.
Accessing Box with Duo MFA in a Web Browser
Accessing Box with Duo MFA and Box Drive

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