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Box is an encrypted, cloud-based file storage and collaboration platform that enables faculty, staff and students to securely store and share electronic business and academic files.

Box Capture for iOS

Box Capture is an iOS app that can be used to instantly take a picture, video, or document scan and upload it right in to Box.


Frequently Asked Questions about Box

Box Storage Quotas FAQ

Frequently asked questions related to the changes in Box storage quotas.

Box External Collaboration FAQ

Find common questions and answers for Box external collaboration.

Box Drive

Box Drive is a desktop app from Box that allows you to access all your files in Box from your computer without needing to download or sync those files first.

Box for Office

Box for Office is an app lets you easily open, edit, save and share any file from Box seamlessly within Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Box for Office is available on Windows, iOS devices, and Android.

Box for Office Online

Box for Office Online is an integration that lets you create Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files in Box, edit them using the Office Online web applications, then save them directly back to Box without downloading additional programs or applications.

Box Tools

Box Tools (also known as Box Edit) is an add-on feature that allows you to open and edit files stored in Box.

Box - Best Practices

Best practices to follow when using Box for sharing and collaborating.

Backup Files to Box

How to save local files from your computer to Box.

Storing Department Files on Box

Departmental Box folders are typically more complex than individual Box folders.

How to Determine the Owner of Files or Folders in Box

Instructions for how to determine the individual that is the owner of a file or folder on Box.

How to Determine your Storage Usage in Box

Instructions for how to determine how much of your available box storage is being used.

Box Collections

As of May18, 2021, Box supports Collections.

Access Box Content via FTP

FTP (file transfer protocol) is a technique for moving large numbers of files and/or folders to and from computers and servers.

How to Set an External Password in Box

The "Box external password" is a different password from your UR NetID's passphrase and will allow "external access" to your Box account for third-party apps, such as FTP.