How to Determine the Owner of Files or Folders in Box

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Instructions for how to determine the individual that is the owner of a file or folder on Box.

Details / Instructions


  1. Click on the name of a Folder.
  2. On the right hand side of the window, there is a column with options for Sharing and Details
  3. If the folder is shared with you, the owner of the folder should be at the top of the individuals under the Sharing section. 
  4. If there are no individuals listed under Sharing, then you are the owner of this folder. If you wish to verify this, you can click on Details, and the Owner will also be listed there. 


  1. Click on a file and it will open up to the preview window. 
  2. In the column on the right side, it will default to show the Activity on the file. Click on the Details icon. 
  3. The Owner of the file will be listed under the File Properties section. 

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