Running Lenovo Updates via the Lenovo website


If you are on a Lenovo device and you are unable to run updates through the Lenovo Service Bridge, here is the website version of installing Lenovo Updates.

Details / Instructions

  1. Go to
  2. Click on PC and then Detect Product.


3. You will see a pop-up menu where Lenovo will configure if you have the Lenovo Service Bridge on your computer. If it says it doesn't see it, go ahead and click on Install.
          **If you get the following screen click on the "here" link and click "Download" to install the software.


4. Once you have downloaded Lenovo Service Bridge, you will be taken to a website where your computer is shown:

5. Click on Drivers & Software over at the left-hand column.
6. You will be taken to a page where it lists a set of scans. Click on Automatic Scan.


7. Click on Start Scan on the next screen.
8. Once the Automatic Scan completes, you will be shown a list of updates you need to install.
9. Since you will need to reboot a few times after running the updates, we would suggest you save any work beforehand. 

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