Meeting Spaces with Wireless Projection Capability


The rooms listed below are equipped with the Mersive Solstice Pod, which allows for wireless projection from computers, tablets, and smartphones.


The following meeting spaces have wireless projection capability:

A&S Dean's Conference Room
Advancement Systems
Alice Haynes Room
Arts and Sciences Dean's Office
Boatwright 311
Boatwright Conference Room 238
Boatwright Seminar Room 1
Boatwright Seminar Room 2
Business School Conference Room
Communications 210
Facilities Conference Room 1
Global Studio
Gottwald D100
Gottwald E100 Table 1
Gottwald E100 Table 2
HR Conference Room
International Commons
IS Conf Room 1
IS Conf Room 2
Jepson Dean's Conference Room
Jepson Faculty Lounge
Jepson 119C
Law Library Group Study 1
Law Library Group Study 2
Law Library Group Study 3
Law School Group Study L4
Multifaith Room
Music Library
rec center conference room
Reynolds Board Room
RSW Conf Room
Speech Center 406
Speech Center 409
Speech Center 411
Tyler Haynes Commons 305
Tyler Haynes Commons 310
Tyler Haynes Commons 321
Tyler Haynes Commons 346
Tyler Haynes Commons 348
Tyler Haynes Commons-Think Tank
Wheeler Conference Room

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