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KB articles related to Box, a cloud-based file storage and collaboration platform for faculty, staff, and students

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About Webfiles

WebFiles is storage space of 100MB allocated to each student, staff, faculty member, and student organization enabling them to maintain a website.

Google - University Approved Apps

Review all approved Google apps and services

Office 365 - University Approved Apps and Add-ins

Review approved apps and add-ins in Microsoft's Office 365 catalog

Previously submitted Cloud App Requests

Review previously submitted third-party apps requests for integration with Box, Google, or Office 365.

WebFiles - How to Access and Bookmark the Drive on Linux

WebFiles storage space can be accessed through the Files App in Linux, and the folder for the network drive can be bookmarked for easy access.

WebFiles - How to Access and Mount the Drive on macOS

WebFiles can be accessed and mounted as a network drive on macOS.

WebFiles - How to Access on Windows 10

WebFiles storage space can be accessed through Windows Explorer on Windows 10.

WebFiles - How to Map the Network Drive in Windows 10

WebFiles can be mapped as a network drive on Windows 10 for easy access.