Storing Department Files on Box


The University of Richmond has chosen Box to be its cloud storage and collaboration solution. Departmental Box folders are typically more complex than individual Box folders and require more attention when setting up a new department Box folder or while maintaining the folder. The information below outlines some key things to keep in mind when it comes to department Box folders. 

Details / Instructions

Members of a department may have differing levels of access. 

  • Box folder structures are typically based on waterfall permissions.  This essentially means that if you have access to a folder, you automatically have permission to all files and sub-folders below that folder, now or in the future.  This may impact how you want to set up your Box folders.  
  • Waterfall permissions are further explained here:

Departmental folders are persistent (files persist even when individuals leave) and may be subject to official University record retention policies:

Departmental folders are often used in conjunction with or in support of business processes, so sharing and access rules are typically more complex and need to be managed over time

You will need to designate TWO (or more) departmental co-owners for your highest level departmental folder(s).  These co-owners will be responsible for creating the folder structure as well as assigning and managing permissions for those folders and any sub-folders.

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