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There are some best practices to follow when using Box. Below are some common use cases and best practices for faculty, staff, and students. 

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Personal vs. Departmental  Use of Box

A person's Box account is deleted when that individual leaves the University.  For this reason, it is strongly recommended that critical or long-term files upon which a business or academic unit depends be stored within a departmental Box folder rather than an individual's Box account.  Departmental Box folders can be requested by submitting the New Department Box Folder form.

Share files with faculty, staff, and students

Share important presentations, turn in assignments, and work with other faculty, staff and students just by emailing a link. With one click, send a link to a file or an entire folder; or invite others to access your folder to keep everyone on the same page.

Secure Online Workspaces

Turn any folder into a secure online workspace to facilitate distributed research and project work. Workspaces allow you to exchange documents, edit team projects, assign and manage tasks and more. Students can also easily collaborate on community and class projects.

Increase staff workflow productivity

Allow easy collaboration and file exchanges within your department to better manage processes and procedures.

Mobile Access

With Box’s robust mobile apps, view important content on the go, sharing comments and feedback, edits and new versions – anywhere, from almost any device. Students can access important reading on their smartphones and tablets, and can edit, comment and create documents on the go from anywhere.

External Collaboration

Faculty, students, and staff can collaborate and share within the campus community and can also send links to individual files or folders to others outside of the University. However, to invite external collaborators to interact within your Box folders you must first request External Collaboration to be turned on for your individual Box Account by submitting the External Collaboration request form

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