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Pinned Article What are Shared Mailboxes?

Shared mailboxes enable a group of users to be able to monitor one email account that is used as a public point of contact. Shared mailboxes also come with a shared calendar that can be accessed by all individuals that have access to the shared mailbox.

Add a Shared Mailbox in Outlook

Instructions for how to add a shared mailbox to outlook on either a Mac or Windows PC.

How to Access Public Folder Inboxes and Calendars

Instructions for how to access Public Folder inboxes and Calendars in Outlook on Windows and macOS or in Outlook Web Access.

How to use a Shared Mailbox Address for an Email Mail Merge

Instructions for how to configure Outlook to use a shared mailbox email address for a mail merge.

Manage Permission to Shared Inboxes and Calendars

How to add and remove individuals from having access to public folder inboxes and calendars using the CATS Group Management tool.

Managing Shared Mailbox Calendars

Departments who have email accounts that are configured as shared mailboxes, can managing their own department calendars associated with those mailboxes and provision access to individuals as needed.

Public Folders FAQ

Frequently asked questions for public folder inboxes that have been created for department use.