What are Shared Mailboxes?


Shared Mailboxes in Outlook are where department resources, such as shared department inboxes and calendars, are located. Shared Mailboxes are accessible in Outlook on Windows and Mac and also through Outlook Web Access. 

Details / Instructions

Shared mailboxes enable a group of users to be able to monitor one email account that is used as a public point of contact, for example helpdesk@richmond.edu. Shared mailboxes also come with a shared calendar that can be accessed by all individuals that have access to the shared mailbox.

Each shared mailbox is managed by someone in that respective department. The manager of the shared mailbox can edit the permissions at any time by logging in to our CATS Groups Management website: https://groups.richmond.edu/

If your department has a student worker that needs access to a shared mailbox, you can request an Exchange Mailbox for students employees.  Once that is created, the manager will be able to give the appropriate permissions to that student using the CATS Groups Management website: https://groups.richmond.edu/.

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