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Shared Inboxes/Calendars and Public folder inboxes/calendars all have a designated manager within each department that manages the group of people that have permission to their department shared resources. That manager has the ability to add and remove members from having access to these shared resources. The instructions below are for how to add and remove members from the group. 

Details / Instructions

The Group Management site is only accessible when on the campus network or when connected to the VPN. If off campus, please connect to the VPN before following the steps below.

Group management permissions are set through the CATS Group Management website: After you login to this site, you will see the groups that are available to you to manage.

You can click on the pencil icon in the Edit column to edit the group and view a list of all current members of that group. 

Add Members

  1. On the edit view, use the Search by last name field to find an individual that you would like to add. When you start typing in the field, a list of matches will appear and you can select the individual that you want to add. 
  2. Once you've selected the individual, click on Add Member
  3. Confirm that the individual is now in the members list. 

Remove Members

  1. On the edit view, locate the person that you want to remove. Click on the red minus sign button. 
  2. A confirmation window will appear to confirm deleting that member. Click on Delete Member
  3. Confirm that the individual is no longer in the members list. 

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