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In order to protect your personal information and improve system security, University of Richmond is in the process of implementing Multi-Factor authentication (MFA) using Duo on University email accounts. Duo is the same application currently being used for VPN and BannerWeb access off-site. If you are not currently enrolled in Duo, please see the knowledge based article here for more information on enrolling.

Accessing your university's email account will require you to authenticate with Duo once you login to that account via your smart device, the web mail interface, or your desktop client. This applies to access both on-campus and off-campus.  Once you authenticate with Duo, that authentication remains in effect on a per-device basis except for the following circumstances:

  • When you register a new device with Duo MFA for email.
  • When you change your password.
  • New web browser sessions.
  • If you make a change to your device that requires a new Duo authentication token.  Examples of this would be if you re-image your device or change email applications.

For the best email experience with Duo, Information Services recommends using the Outlook mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

Due to the change in email configuration, your smart device may stop receiving email. If this occurs, you may need remove and re-add your email account to your device. Directions can be found here. For additional troubleshooting steps, please contact the help desk at (804) 287-6400 or

Below are two videos with details on the Duo MFA service for email and video demonstrations of how it works with common configurations for multiple platforms.  Below the videos you will find detailed written instructions for accessing your email on various platforms with Duo MFA enabled.  

MFA for Email - Windows and Macintosh Computers

MFA for Email - Mobile Devices

Details / Instructions

Login to Email with Duo (Outlook Web Access (OWA))
Login to Email with Duo (Outlook - Windows)
Login to Email with Duo (Outlook - Mac)
Login to Email with Duo (Android Devices)
Login to Email with Duo (iOS Devices - Apple Mail)
Login to Email with Duo (iOS Devices - Outlook Mobile)
Authenticating with a Hardware Token

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