How to Login to Bannerweb with Duo


Duo is required for users to be able to login to BannerWeb when not connected to the campus network. If you have not already done so, please enroll with Duo. The instructions below will walk you through how to login to BannerWeb  using the 4 different methods that are available with Duo. 

Duo App Push (Most Common): The Duo App push will send you a notification from the Duo app on your smartphone or tablet.

Duo App Code: Duo can be validated using a code from the Duo app on your smartphone or tablet. This is useful if you don't have cellular or wifi service available on your phone or tablet. 

Duo ByPass Code: This should only be used if your normal methods for using duo are unavailable. The ByPass code would be provided to you by contacting the Help Desk at 804-287-6400. 

Duo Hardware Token: Hardware Tokens are an option that can be used for two-factor authentication if you don't have a smartphone or tablet that the Duo App can be installed on.

Details / Instructions

Login to BannerWeb with Duo App Push
Login to BannerWeb with Duo App Code
Login to BannerWeb with a Duo Bypass Code
Login to BannerWeb with a Duo Hardware Token

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All Faculty, Staff, and Students are required to use Duo when logging in to Bannerweb or when connecting to the VPN.