Return to Campus Checklist – Faculty and Staff

As you prepare to return to campus to begin the fall semester, below is a high-level overview of steps we recommend you review in order to connect to technology on campus successfully. If you have any issues with any of the below steps, please contact the Help Desk at 804-287-6400.

Help Desk Support (Red Stage): At this time, the Help Desk is providing support primarily via phone, email, and live chat. No in person support is available. If you have a hardware related issue that cannot be resolved remotely, please contact the Help Desk at 804-287-6400 to discuss your options. 

Network Access:

University managed desktop or laptop: If you moved your University desktop home or have had your laptop at home for an extended period of time, please plan and prepare for any of the below scenarios when re-connecting to the University network (wired or wireless):

  • ClearPass OnGuard scans: When any computer is off campus for 7 days or longer, a full ClearPass scan must run after re-connecting to the campus network. This scan can take 30-90 seconds to complete. During this period, your computer will be “quarantined” until a Healthy scan is returned. Once your computer checks in Healthy, you can test connecting to a webpage
  • Password changes: If your network password has changed since the last time your computer connected to the campus network, you may need to re-enter your password and update the connection settings. For WiFi connections, you may need to forget the urwin network and rejoin
  • Transition from Sophos AntiVirus to CrowdStrike Falcon: As of July 1, it is required to have CrowdStrike Falcon installed on a University computer in order to connect to the network. If you believe Falcon may not be installed on your computer, please contact the Help Desk.

Personal or corporate computer: Personal or corporate computers may connect to either urwin or VisitUR wireless networks

Computer peripherals: We recommend you set aside some time to re-connect and setup any appropriate peripherals at your desk such as a dock, monitor(s), or printers.

EC500 – Routing your University extension to Cellular: If you have leveraged the ability to route incoming calls to your University extension to your cellphone, you may prefer to toggle that feature off when you are on campus

To turn off EC500:

In the below examples, 6243 is the 4-digit office extension, and 873986 is the unique Station Security Code that was assigned.

  • Dial the remote access number 804 287 6010 (you will hear a secondary dial-tone)
  • Dial 721 6243# 873986# (you should hear three short tones)
  • Hang-up

Faculty - prepare for new Classroom Configurations: For the fall semester, a new standard technology configuration has been installed in all classrooms on campus that addresses the need for simultaneous in-room instruction and remote instruction. Please review the links below for resources on this new configuration as well on how to access and obtain training

Other Technology Resources: Please review the links to resources you may use as you return to campus this fall


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