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This article will explain how to use the University's voicemail system to record and manage your greetings, retrieve new messages and change your voicemail password.

Calls that are not answered on your office phone are sent to a voicemail system so that callers can leave a message.  When you have new messages, your phone will either have a message waiting light that will illuminate, or you may here a "stutter" or broken dial-tone when you pick up the phone.

"New", "Unread", "Read" and "Deleted" messages are saved for 30 days; at that time the system will automatically delete the message. 

Details / Instructions

Accessing the Voicemail System:

Dial 8999 from any campus extension/phone

Dial 804-289-8999 from off-campus or your mobile phone

If dialing into the system from a campus extension, the system presumes you are attempting to access the voice mailbox associated with the extension you are using, and will simply prompt you for that password. For example: if you are using the phone with extension 5097, the voicemail system will prompt you for the password associated with voice mailbox 5097. If you are attempting to access a voice mailbox other than the one associated with the extension you are using, press the '*' key on the phone - the system will then prompt you for the mailbox that you wish to log into, then the password for that mailbox.

If you are accessing the system from off campus or your mobile phone, in most cases, you will need to press the # key to be prompted for the voice mailbox number that you wish to access. In some cases: some users with the EC500 feature configured for their cell phone, the system will associate that cell phone number with the personal voice mailbox of the user - in these cases the system will respond as though you are at your desk, and the instructions above will apply. Basically: if you are prompted to "Enter the extension of person you wish to speak with", then you will need to press the '#' key to enter your voice mailbox number.

If this is the first time you are logging in to you voice mailbox, your password will be 13579 (please refer to the Setting up your Voicemail - Avaya Messaging KB article for assistance with initial setup of your voicemail).

The system will tell you how many new messages you have in each mailbox "folder".  If you do not have any messages, you will only hear the options for recording your greetings and mailbox options.

1 - Send a message
2 - Listen to messages in "Inbox" ("Unread" and "Read" messages)
3 - Record greetings
4 - Listen to messages in "Deleted" folder
5 - Mailbox options

1 - Record Messages

This option will allow you to record a voicemail message, and then send it to another subscriber's voicemail box.  You may also send it to a list of subscribers.

2 - Get Messages

This option will allow you to listen to the messages that have been left for you.  When you select this option, and you have "Unread" and "Read" messages, you will be prompted to select the folder you wish to access. If you only have messages in one of these folders, you will be put in that folder without being prompted.

  • Audix will play the message header of the message which will include the date, time and and name of the person who left the message (if they have recorded it on their own voicemail box).  If the message is from an off-campus number, audix will give you the number of the caller.
  • Press 2 to listen to the message
    • While listening to the message you can:
      • Press 1 to pause
      • Press 5 to rewind 5 seconds
      • Press 6 to fast-forward 5 seconds
      • Press * 3 to move the message to your deleted items folder
    • After listening to a message you will hear additional options
      • Press 0 to call back sender (only campus extensions)
      • Press 1 to reply to sender (allows you to record a message and send it back to the caller - only campus extensions)
      • Press 2 to forward the message to another voicemail box (campus extensions only)
      • Press 4 to send a message - this will take you to the Send a message workflow

3 - Record Greetings

This option allows you to record and manage your personal greeting and up to 99 custom greetings that will be played when you are unavailable. You can record and specify a greeting to be played when you are unavailable, and a separate greeting to be played when you are busy on the phone.

Your Personal greeting is the one that you were prompted to record when you first setup your mailbox, and is the default greeting that will be played. You can also record and store up to 99 custom greetings that you may select from as needed.

  • Press 0 to record customized greeting
  • Press 1 to record personal greeting
  • Press 2 to record busy greeting
  • Press # to return to the main menu

You can choose the active greeting for your mailbox by selecting 0, then 2 - Select active Greeting. You will be prompted to enter the 2 digit greeting number, or 0 to de-activate the custom greeting which will re-active your default Personal greeting.

5 - Customize Mailbox

This option will allow you to record or re-record your name, and set your voicemail password.

Press 4 to change your password.  Your password must be at least 5 digits long, cannot contain your extension and cannot contain repeating or sequential digits.
- Follow the prompts that Avaya Messaging provides, to complete this task.

Press 5 to record (or re-record) your name.  This name will be played in system announcements, or as part of the default greeting, if you have not recorded a custom greeting.
- Follow the prompts that Avaya Messaging provides, to complete this task.

Deleted Messages

Once a message is deleted, it is moved to the "Deleted" folder and saved for 30 days. You can listen to messages in your deleted folder by selecting option 4 from the main menu. this option is only available if there are items in your deleted folder.

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