How to Connect to the 'urwin' Wifi Network


The instructions in the article can be used to connect or configure your computer or device to be able to connect to the 'urwin' wireless network while on campus. 


In order to successfully connect to 'urwin', students are required to install ClearPass and CrowdStrike Falcon. Instructions for how to install the necessary software and connect are outlined in the articles below: 

Faculty and Staff Personal Computers

In order to successfully connect to 'urwin', faculty and staff are required to install ClearPass on their personal computers. In addition, they are also required to have one of the preferred antivirus software installed. 

Note: Personal systems that cannot meet these requirements can connect to the "Visit UR" network instead. The Visit UR network is not secure and does not permit access to internal resources such as Blackboard and Banner. More information about Visit UR is available here:


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Windows PC
iOS (iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch)
Windows Phone or Tablet

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