Voicemail - Initial Setup


Instructions for Initial Setup to access and manage your voicemail.

Details / Instructions

First Time Setup

Initial login

  • Dial 8999 (or press the Message button your phone)
  • Dial your extension, then press #
  • Press 1, then press #

You will be guided through a first time setup of your mailbox where you can configure your name, greeting, and password

Record your name; what callers hear when your line is busy

  • When prompted, record your first and last name at the tone
  • Press # when you are finished
  • Press # to approve or press 1 to try again

Configure your password; a security measure to access your voice mailbox

  • When prompted, enter a password, followed by the # sign
    • Passwords can be between 5-15 digits in length
    • Password cannot consist of sequential numbers (e.g. 12345) or the same digit (e.g. 11111)
    • Passwords cannot contain your extension
  • When prompted, re-enter your password, followed by the # sign

Record your greeting; what callers hear when you are away from your desk

  • Press 3, 1, 1, 1
  • When prompted, record your greeting at the tone
  • Press # to stop recording
  • Press # to approve or 1 to try again

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