Computer Provisioning for New Faculty and Staff


The information below is the basic guideline for how a computer is provisioned for Faculty and Staff that are new to the University. 

Details / Instructions

New Employee in an Existing Position

If your department has a new employee that is replacing someone, the new employee will be assigned the computer that was previously assigned to the person that left. 

New Employee in a Newly Created Position

If your department has hired a new employee to fill a new full-time position, Information Services will provide a standard computer system. To ensure that the computer is available for the new employee on their start date, please contact the IS procurement office as soon as the candidate accepts the position. Generally, it takes 10 business days from the time of purchase to installation of the new system.

If the new position requires computer equipment or software applications that fall outside of the published standards for university hardware and software, we will be happy to meet with department representatives to address these special needs. Generally, costs beyond the standard configurations are picked up by the department, or through other available resources (such as start-up funds for faculty).

Computers purchased for full-time employees are considered primary computers and will fall under the four-year replacement program.

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