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Short-term visitors to the University of Richmond campus may connect their Wi-Fi enabled device to the VisitUR wireless network for access to the commodity Internet and the public facing http://www.richmond.edu web sites. University of Richmond secured web resources such as Blackboard and Banner require a connection to the urwin wireless network for faculty, staff, and students.

Details / Instructions

VisitUR supports the HTTP and HTTPS protocols for general web browsing. It also supports the IPsec protocol for connectivity to a remote corporate VPN, for example. 

Simply connect to the VisitUR wireless network and open a web browser. After being redirected to the logon page, please read the terms and conditions, accept them by checking the appropriate box, and click the Log In button.

Please note that VisitUR is not a secured wireless network and should not be used to send or receive sensitive information without another layer of protection such as HTTPS or IPsec. Faculty, staff, and students should always use the secured urwin network.

Acceptance of the terms and conditions is valid for 24 hours, after which the terms must be accepted again.

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