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How to Connect to the 'urwin' Wifi Network

Instructions for faculty, staff, and students on how to connect their computers, smartphones, and tablets to the secure 'urwin' wireless network.

What is the 'eduroam' Wifi Network?

Eduroam is a global wireless network access service for research and education visitors.

What is the 'Richmond' Wifi Network?

The 'Richmond' wireless network is used to connect smart devices and game consoles after they are registered.

What is the 'urwin' Wifi Network?

While on campus, students, staff, and faculty can wirelessly and securely access the University network through 'urwin'.

What is the 'VisitUR' Wifi Network?

'VisitUR' provides public wifi access for guests and affiliates while on campus.

Wireless Network FAQ

A list of FAQs and terms in reference to the University's Wireless Network